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Hire your own software development personnel in the Philippines.
  Build your remote team.

We'll help you do it.




Build your remote development or support team using our experienced team builders and extensive professional network.



Use our office space, HR, admin and technical support services to get your remote team up and humming.



*This is an optional phase.  If you want to, and when you are ready, we can help you set up your own business entity and transfer the team to your new offshore asset.  You can continue to use our office space and support services to ensure it's business as usual for your team.

About Us

Velocity Solutions builds software development

and support teams in the Philippines

for companies that want to hire high-quality, dedicated, remote personnel.


Velocity Solutions has regional offices in Hong Kong, Manila and Brisbane

and is led by Australian, Canadian and Filipino management. 


Velocity Solutions was established in 1998.

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Velocity help?


Velocity works with customers who realise that the world has changed and we no longer need everyone to work within the same physical location.


Velocity helps customers who want to tap into new sources of skilled professionals or have become frustrated with high staffing costs, increasing turnover rates and the general lack of available skills within their home location.


Velocity's "Build-Operate-Transfer" team building services are particularly suited to companies that require ongoing development of in-house or product-based software applications. By partnering with Velocity, we work together to build and accommodate your remote software development team.  


What level and type of software skills are available?


Teams can be created for most software development and application environments.  We have successfully built teams for web and mobile development as well as traditional legacy software environments.  We hire personnel to meet your specific technical and personal requirements.  


What Our Clients Think

We needed an experienced partner that could assist with the establishment of the LANSA Offshore Development Centre (ODC).  Velocity has been a long-time LANSA Partner and has brought a high level of organisational skill, technical competency and local knowledge to the relationship.  The LANSA ODC is a strategic asset that allows us to better support our global customers.


Steve Gapp, President


SRG Asia required a skilled data migration team for a series of regional ERP and Customer Care projects.  Velocity understood exactly what we needed and provided the team quickly and effectively.  Velocity has that rare combination of understanding people, processes and technology.


Steve Anglicas, Director

SRG Asia

YouGov sought a local partner with a strong track record of success to help us establish our offshore IT development office.  Velocity provided YouGov with development resources of extraordinary quality.  Our cooperation with Velocity was a key factor in our success.


Andy Wong, Associate Director


Using Velocity's Build-Operate-Transfer model, we were able to move our technical support function to Manila.  This allowed us to find the right skills at an attractive price point as well as maintain full quality control and team oversight.  Thanks to Velocity, we can focus our energies on product development and strategy.


Jean-Sebastien Lemay, Co-Founder

Brass City


Contact Us

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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Peter Maruff

Phone: +61 412 004 817



Brian Dunster

Phone: +1 604 306 7483



Hong Kong

David Armitage

Phone:  +852 2915 5096



Ivan Rosario

Phone: +63 2 887 5344


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