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Partner/Reseller FAQ

Why would I want to partner with Velocity?


The Velocity Build-Operate-Transfer model is for customers who want the immediate benefits of an offshore development and support team but who are also wanting to eventually establish their own Philippines business.


The Build-Operate-Transfer model is best suited to companies that require ongoing development of in-house or product-based software applications. By partnering with Velocity, we work together to build your Philippines-based software development team; manage it for you for an agreed period of time and then assist you with company set-up and transition of the team to your new offshore IT business entity.


The Build-Operate-Transfer model creates a valuable corporate asset while reducing cost and improving organizational performance. 


What's in it for me?


Great skills. Lower cost.  Low risk.  Easy growth management.  Able to confidently take on bigger clients.  International expansion. 


How does benefit my clients?


Teams can be created for most software development and application environments.  We have successfully built teams for web and mobile development as well as traditional legacy software environments.  All of our BOT teams are built around highly-experienced development personnel.


How does the financial model work?


Your team can start as small as 1 or 2 people and grow to 20 plus.


How does it work?


In nutshell, Velocity builds you a dedicated team in our Manila or Hong Kong office.  We create the team based upon your specific skills and experience requirements.  You have complete, immediate and transparent access to your team so that you can manage their work product.  We look after premises, equipment, communications, payroll, HR, training and any other administrative task.  We essentially set-up your “AsiaPac Development and Support Centre” by taking all the hard work away so you can focus on providing great results to your customers and realising your business goals.


How is this different from using traditional offshoring and outsourcing services?


Very simple … you have the ability to turn your team into your own offshore organisation and formally absorb it into your new company entity.  This will increase the valuation of your business and provide new opportunities for your management and sales executives. 


With Velocity, you build a strategic asset that realises your short, medium and longer term business goals.


How do I know the people provided have the skills and experience needed to do the job?


We hire people that precisely match your skills and experience requirements.  An experienced Velocity HR manager works with you to clearly define the skills and experience required by each member of your team.  The Velocity HR team are highly experienced IT recruiters who possess that rare blend of technical, industry and search competencies.  All potential team members are video-interviewed by you before they are offered a position on your team.  You always have the final say in who joins your team.


What if someone doesn’t work out and I want them replaced?


All team members are on six months’ probation.  A team member can be replaced at any time during the probation period.  After the probation period, one months’ notice is required. In all cases, we determine why a replacement is needed and factor this into the selection of the new team member.  No one likes to replace people and people don’t like to be replaced. 


How are the people supervised?


You have complete control over, and access to, your team.  You set their goals and monitor their performance through timesheets, video-conferencing and deliverables.  Your team will typically include a team leader who will play a local leadership or supervisory role.  In addition, Velocity can assign an experienced team leader who will provide general oversight and mentoring for your team members.


Can I visit the team or send one of my managers to work with them?


Absolutely.  We encourage and facilitate this.  We have relationships with a number of local hotels and serviced apartments so visiting your team is easy and cost-effective.  Velocity provides just-in-time office facilities for visitors and can provide dedicated work areas for longer stays.


Can I have team members come to our headquarters for training?


Definitely.  Velocity can arrange the appropriate travel visa with your local embassy or consulate.


What if someone resigns?


If one of your team resigns, we will find a suitable replacement and ensure smooth transition.


How can I be sure that team members are not working for other clients?


Your team is a dedicated team. They work only for you.  Their activities are clearly recorded on their fortnightly timesheet.


How long does it take to create the initial team?


Typically, initial team assembly takes two to three months. 


How do I arrange equipment for my team?


We will purchase equipment on your behalf, according to your specifications, for your team members.  Three supplier quotations will be provided for any purchase.  There is no markup on equipment and only the actual cost is passed on to you.  This equipment belongs to you and will be transferred with your staff to your subsequent offshore business entity.


What training is provided to the team?


This is really up to you.  Team members will already possess all or many of the skills required to undertake their work.  If you have an in-house application or specific technical environment that they require knowledge of, Velocity will work with you to create and deliver an effective orientation programme.


How is individual performance monitored and assessed?


Our HR specialists perform regular, face-to-face performance appraisals with team members.  In addition to our internal appraisals, you may wish to undertake your own.  We will help you coordinate and undertake your own appraisals at an interval of your choosing.


How do I add additional resources to my team?


Simply let us know what additional resources you need.  Preferably with one to two months’ notice.


Can I cancel my team?


We have a termination clause in our agreement that caters for this.  Different clients have different needs and different risk profiles.  We can adjust risk in line with your specific requirements.


Can I migrate the team to be my own employees?


Absolutely.  That’s the Transfer part of Build-Operate-Transfer.  We help you set up your own local company and move your team members to be your own employees.   There will be fees associated with this process.


What’s the end result?


You have your own dedicated, motivated team in a convenient time zone to perform any number of tasks more appropriate to a low cost environment.


You have created a valuable corporate asset that increases both your company valuation and your ability to take on more business and bigger customers.


How do we get started? 


Click the button below and arrange to talk to one with our account managers.



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